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Let us present some tip of advice in choosing the elevator equipment.
At the planning stage
You have to find answers on the following questions to make sure that your request finds clear solution

  • Will the lifting equipment carry passengers?
  • Do you plan any special purposes for the elevator? Is it a bed elevator, fire elevator or a lift for disables?
  • Will the equipment run at critical conditions (fire, earthquake, etc.)?
  • Where should the equipment be mounted – inside the building or using a external lift shaft?
  • What is the travel height and how many stops are required?
  • What load capacity is demanded and what are the shaft size limits?

At the drafting stage
Now the following parameters must be determined

  • building load and the points of its application
  • elevator landing height positions
  • shaft sizes
  • doorway sizes and position
  • control desk location

At the site preparation stage
Please pay attention on this while prepare the site before mounting the equipment

  • Shaft. The shaft deflection is prior to the next jobs. The section drawing should be plotted in order to present the difference between plan and actual mounting. The shaft pit waterproofing is required.
  • Security. A safe and secured room should be provided for equipment storage before installation.
  • The mains. The input power is given in a construction drawing provided before fabrication. The mains should support the power and the incoming electrical supply should meet the places mentioned in the construction drawing.

Elevating equipment support
After running the elevating equipment you should find a proper maintainer. Routine inspections are held monthly including monitoring, minor repairs. In case of emergency the crew should arrive to the site as quick as possible.
Important to know:

  • Emergency crew arrival time
  • Spare parts availability meaning warehouse presence that guarantees rapid repair